2010 Launch Video


Founder & CEO
Stacy Johnson


What started as a tongue-in-cheek reference to a mock crime syndicate became the inspiration for the exclusive restaurant recommendation site FoodMafia.com. Referring to the process that founder Stacy Johnson went through with her friends to try great, unique restaurants, the reference blossomed into a business idea that took off.

Realizing that the best recommendations were always from friends or trusted, credible sources that had similar tastes, Stacy wanted to help others quickly find a great dining experience but without all the negative, anonymous reviews. Food Mafia has made this process easy and fun!

We have done the dirty work for you. With Food Mafia, you no longer have to do research and filter through negative, anonymous reviews to find trusted restaurant recommendations. We have invited our favorite diners, chefs, and industry professionals from around the world to join together to share their favorite restaurants. From 24 course meals to food stands, we have members that truly share your taste in food.

Use FoodMafia.com to find your next great dining experience by choosing a city and running a search. From tracking your favorite restaurant to sharing and receiving customized recommendations, you can make Food Mafia work for you without having to do any of the hard, dirty work.

Just like the mafia, our site is closely monitored and controlled. Our member community is strong across the United States, with a presence in large cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco. We are expanding quickly across the globe, with members committed to finding and sharing great and unique dining experiences.

Check out some of the great features of Food Mafia:

  • Credibility of our members, members are invited or approved
  • All restaurants listed on Food Mafia are selected or recommended by members
  • International scope provides expanded reach while you travel
  • Vault helps you keep track of restaurants you want to try
  • Ability to follow people with similar taste or people that you already find credible and trustworthy
  • No negative reviews
  • No star ratings

You never know when you might meet someone with similar taste that will share their dining secrets with you. That one person could change the way you experience a city. With our own little syndicate, Food Mafia allows you to proactively find and access other Food Mafia around the world so you always have access to great new restaurants…without the effort.