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Restaurant: Burma Superstar
Where to start? This place is always good, always packed, always quick, always well priced, always amazes ANYONE I bring here (and we go OFTEN). I first heard about this place and it's Food Network famous salads and decided to see what all the fuss was. I originally found it tacky to have the menu say "As seen on Food Network!" or whatever it is they write but would come to accept and embrace that over time. They aren't kidding. I am not a man to rave about salads but let me take a moment to do just that right here. These salads are incredible. Both are served as separate components at the table which your server will list off and then mix together. The Rainbow Salad is more noodle based and the Tea Leaf Salad is more nut based. They are both amazing and filling! Although I say you could go there and only have that....it will never happen. We always end up ordering other things and I never guide ppl towards anything in particular b/c everything is first rate. I also enjoy the fact its family style food. You really can get away with ordering 1 less main course dish than the # and your party w/ ease. Make sure to try the coconut rice as well. I could basically go on forever about this place as it is one of my absolute favorites of all time. And be ready to wait....no matter what time u get there. It's insane.



Tea Leaf Salad, Rainbow Salad, #64

My Bday Dinner!

Restaurant: RN74
I chose RN74 for my birthday dinner celebration 2 years back after reading about it somewhere. You could walk by the place a million times and never see it as its very well hidden on the outside. Walking in the first thing you notice is the NYC Grand Central Station style sign they have for the wines that actually changes and flips like the real thing. We were given a nice table in the center of the restaurant and treated like gold. Everything we had was wonderful in both taste and presentation. The desserts were beautiful and they sent a special one with candle for my bday. Everyone had a great time and I was happy to find another great Michael Mina restaurant to enjoy for special occcasions.



Legit Chicago Deep Dish

Restaurant: Little Star Pizza
So my friends are absolute FAN-atics of this place and finally brought me along to try it out. The big test around town is to compare this to Zacchary's Pizza, a fav of mine for sure. While wearing their Little Star shirts we headed in to the Berkeley location and sat down to enjoy our pie. The place is very cool and not what I expected at all. A very hip and modern atmosphere . My friends ordered the pie for us with some special recommendations they have learned to give so that it comes out "perfect". Well they must know something because the pie was excellent. Their sauce is to die for and each bite is full of flavor. We unfortunately ate the whole thing otherwise I would have liked to try the "day after" test to see if it gets even better (like Zacchary's does).




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