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Restaurant: Victory's Banner
Don't tell anyone about this breakfast spot--it's packed as it is. You'd never know there is no meat on the menu--their sausage and bacon substitutes could fool your mother. Omlets are light and fluffy, pancakes are out of this world, the freshly squeezed juice is to die for.



North Pond

Restaurant: North Pond
This is our favorite restaurant for special occasions. Though it's a bit pricey for us to do on a monthly basis, if we have friends in town, someone is treating or we're looking to celebrate, this is the place to go. Always using the freshest of ingredients, many of the local and/or organic, the chef manages to put together intriguing menus that reflect the best of what's presently available. Service is smooth, presentations are sharp and the flavors are always right on the money.



Pizzerio Somewhat Serio

Restaurant: Pizzeria Serio
We went to take advantage of a recent groupon. It was about 3/4 full @ 8:00 on a Thurs, eve. We opted to wait a few moments for a booth. After we were sat it was very hard to get a waiter's attention--they were >not< slammed, only moderately busy. I was finally able to order a Fat Tire, an appetizer and a pizza. The beer was, again, a bit slow to be coming. There, then was a looong wait for our appetizer--baked mushrooms and peppers stuffed with a nicely herbed goat cheese and drizzled with olive oil. A bit too much olive oil--a bread basket would be most welcome at this place. The pizza followed without too much delay and was great! We had customized their veggie lovers pizza with some additional sausage. Veggies were fresh and crisp, sausage had great flavor. Unfortunately the olives came from a can and were lacking the punch the pie could have used. I wanted more cheese, my SO was fine with what was there. Crust was nicely charred, a bit chewy, but in a good way. Overall, not a bad deal with the Groupon. They'll have to improve the service a bit and up the ante on some of their ingredients to make me want to make this my neighborhood go-to.




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