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615 N State , Chicago, IL 60654
Near North Side
Style:Graham Elliott


Sandwich shop. Was cash only, now accepting credit cards.

Menu:Recent Reviews

profile image Grilled Cheeeeese!

Fun hip little sandwich shop. Great pop corn and an amazing grilled cheese sandwich.

profile image Best sandwiches

Excellent sandwiches, drinks, and sides.

profile image Sandwiches with a twist

"Sandwiched" between Ontario and Ohio at on State St. in River North, the deli styled sandwich eatery where Graham Bowel’s newest venture Grahamwich, serves delicious sandwiches with a twist. Elliot is no stranger to ingenuity and it shows with his sandwich selection. With that signature approach, the Pork BBQ sandwich was my favorite. The sandwich has delicious root beer pulled pork on top of a moist and sweet corn bread and topped with dill pickles and creamy slaw. It just works! And you MUST order the G'Wich Popcorn! It smells incredible and taste even better. Grated parmesan, chopped chives, sea salt and truffle oil. The Pastrami Reuben, Wagyu Beef were also favorites while the Lamb gyro fell short of expectations. It is however a light fresh alternative to the heavy sandwiches. The lunch hot spot fills up quick so get there before the crowd if you want a seat. The seating area is a sun drenched picnic table that just feels appropriate for the sandwiches.

profile image New menu!

Been wanting to try here for a while and had seen mediocre reviews. I heard they had changed the menu, so we went in today and it was AMAZING! We tried 5 of the sandwiches to get a good assortment and left very full. The fan favorite was the Wagyu beef sandwich that creatively has potato and arugula on a pretzel roll. My mouth is watering again. 2nd favorite for me was the Pastrami Reuben with gruyere cheese. Just perfect! A close tie was the Pork BBQ that had a hint of Root Beer. DO NOT miss ths g'wich popcorn that has truffle and parmesan on it. I will DEFINITELY be back and encourage all to go check it out. 2 thumbs up!

profile image With a Graham of salt...

I REALLY wanted to love Grahamwich (because I have a food crush on the adorable and talented teddy bear that is Graham Elliot). Unfortunately during my first experience his food was all over the place. The popcorn was amazing, but the "pickles" were comprised of giant white mystery chunks, some cocktail onions, and a wayward brussel sprout. The jibarito tacos were cold and didn't taste like anything but cornmeal. The banh-mi was decent, the bread, pork belly, slaw, and sauce were good, but the addition of mushrooms was funky. The short rib sammy saved the day, it was absolutely fantastic. I heard he recently changed the menu and it's getting great reviews. I'm excited to give it another shot, and I will review again after I try it. UPDATE: Went back again mid-May and tried the Pastrami Reuben (awesome), Wagyu Beef (pretty freaking good), and the Lamb Gyro (nice). Very pleased that GE listened to the reviews, revamped a bit, and delivered the goods. Rock on!