1723 N. Halsted , Chicago, IL 60614
Lincoln Park
Style:Grant Achatz
Style:Fusion / Eclectic


Alinea website states: Under Chef Achatz' leadership, Alinea has received worldwide attention for its hypermodern, emotional approach to dining. Alinea has received four stars from both the Chicago Tribune and Chicago magazine, Achatz was named the "next great American chef" by The New York Times (September 2005) and in October, 2006 Alinea received Five Diamonds from AAA and Ruth Reichl of Gourmet magazine declared Alinea the "Best Restaurant in America" in its twice-per-decade list of America's Top 50 Restaurants.

Menu:Recent Reviews

profile image A Fantastic Finale to an amazing night!

Never have I said "This is SO WEIRD!!! And GOOD!" so many times in one evening - or maybe ever. I just don't want to ruin it for anyone because part of the fun is the element of surprise of every course that comes out. From the friendly staff (someone on yelp said they were not friendly, and I could not disagree more) to the fantastic wine pairings - if you go, just DO it, I promise it's worth it- to the beautifully strange food, I actually admit, I tear up a little thinking about how fantastic that evening was. I also appreciate that as a vegetarian, I can participate in this amazing fine dining experience. Our highlight was dessert and coming face to face with Grant Achatz. So memorable, and if you haven't read his book, I highly recommend that too! I hope we can go back sometime!

profile image Incredible but expensive

The food was incredible and the service was perfect. However, this was a once in a life time experience (at least for my wife and I). We have never been to a nicer place but it's out of our price range for a second time. We would rather go to Graham Elliot's five times instead of Alinea once. However, we are glad that we experienced this.

profile image Superlative Dining Experience

One of the most highly rated restaurants in the country for a reason. The food is a gastronomic extravaganza of tastes and visual presentations. Definitely worth experiencing at least once.

profile image Exceptional!

A meal at Alinea is one of the most unique and exciting dining experiences to be found anywhere. Chef Achatz deconstructs and reconstructs his dishes into delicious works of art.

profile image Still memorable!

I have not been to Alinea in a while but it is still one of the most memorable dining experiences! Wine pairings were also great. Can't wait to go back!