Moto Restaurant



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945 W. Fulton St. , Chicago, IL 60607
Fulton Market
Style:Homaro Cantu
Style:Global, Fusion


Moto Restaurant website states:Offering dinner service only, moto offers tasting menus - edible, by the way - and has been lauded by critics around the globe. Having been showcased in over 1000 articles appearing in nearly 40 countries, moto has struck a nerve with the thrill-seeking diner. While the foods are futuristic, they are not completely alien and though they may appear as if they are right out of a science-fiction movie, the fabulous flavor of this cuisine is very real. The dishes tend to be reinventions or outright transformations, including several American staples such as BBQ Pork with Cornbread and Baked Bean Spaghetti; Ben's S'more, an inside-out version of the childhood favorite from Pastry Chef Ben Roche; and Chili-Cheese Nachos, a dish which looks like the savory appetizer but is actually a sweet dessert with crumbled chocolate serving as "chili" and flash-frozen strips of mango playing the part of grated cheese. Sommelier and Wine Director Matt Gundlach is on hand to offer wine pairings to complement the exquisite and extraordinary flavors. Simply put, moto is fine dining at its most adventuresome.

Menu:Recent Reviews

profile image Incredible food and experience

The moment we walked in, I didn't feel cool enough to be there. It wasn't that they made me feel that way, I just had never been to a place like that. There were three servers with each course for the two of us, the entrance to the bathroom was blended in with the wall, the moment you finished a course the plates/utensils were removed. We have been to Moto and Alinea, and both were excellent. However, Moto is just as good but for much less in price.

profile image Journey for your senses

Moto is one of the most exciting dining experiences I have ever had. We opted for the 10 course and were there for 3 hours. The time FLIES by. The staff was excellent and made every course as exciting as the last. It is truly a journey of all your senses and some of our favorites were the pulled pork cigar, the Rabbit Maki and the snowman that is injected with nitrogen. Amazing!!!