NoMI Kitchen



800 N. Michigan Ave. , Chicago, IL 60611
Near North Side
Style:Ryan LaRoche


One of the best roof decks in the city! Located in the Park Hyatt Hotel. Photo courtesy of Amanda Puck at

Menu:Recent Reviews

profile image Bourbon Hot Chocolate And Craft Martinis

Nomi has amazing food and drinks but if you get a chance, have Sergio make you a bourbon hot chocolate or a craft dirty martini he created. Amazing!!!!

profile image The Place To Go For Patio Drinks And Food

Nomi is such a great place. The inside has a great high end restaurant with good views of Michigan Avenue but the best experience at Nomi is the patio in the summer. There is also a good chance of a celeb sighting. The menu is typically more farm to table with a sushi option. You really can't go wrong with anything you order!

profile image Pâté

I have eaten on the patio at NoMI quite a bit but I have not eaten in the restaurant. The decor and views are great and we had some pâté that was incredible. We had the burger, fries, cheese board, pâté, and their new cocktails. It was a great dinner all the way around!

profile image NoMI Roundup

In addition to the new fresh look, the menu was bursting with fresh flavors and colorful ingredients. As we ate our way through it, the only thoughts that came to mind were I wonder what’s for dinner. After sampling almost the entire cocktail menu one night at NoMI Garden in Chicago over the weekend, Chef Ryan La Roche sent us one of the best delicacies in the entire world. Jamon Iberico de Bellota. Glistening with delicious fat, reminiscent of all my trips to Spain, but specifically a trip to The Basque region, where you really just can’t get enough. This ham is acorn fed (bellota) with a creamy nutty flavor, as these pigs are fed nothing but acorns. Served with a traditional pan com tomate (tomato bread) which you really didn’t need because the ham was pig perfect. Be sure to check the photos on this page for mouthwatering views of the dishes we chose.

profile image Pricey but with a great view

So...when I read all of the articles of NoMI Kitchen, what with their 'approachable' dining, 'casual' atmosphere and new pricing...I figured I'd stop in. Not only that, but I brought a work group with me. I had visited the original NoMI and loved it - but it was definitely a fine dining spot. This time, I was expecting a bit less fancy, and a bit more homey. I wasn't exactly wrong...but some notes: - still really expensive (which is fine, I just hadn't expected it with the 're-vamp' of the restaurant). - better atmosphere - more young and hip versus stuffy, and still the awesome view - Food was really delectible, but portions were quite small - Service was high quality as before So, in my opinion, this is still a fine dining spot, not really a casual eatery as many of the write-ups were leading me to believe. It offers a superb view of the city in a relaxed, dressy atmosphere with excellent service and food to match.