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This place is perfect. My husband and I went in early on a Monday and had the place to ourselves. We were able to meet the chefs/owners and chat about their meaty vision of made-in-house charcuterie and choucroute dinners featuring guest chefs (which have so far featured Jimmy Papadopoulos of Bohemian House and Pat Sheerin of Trenchermen). And the food, good lord the food! We ordered a gorgeous ricotta agnolotti with asparagus, peas, and morels (this was the spring menu) that was so delicious, light, and perfect that we were blown away. The sweetbreads with mole sauce and veg was great as well, the sweetbreads were lightly breaded and not overly greasy or fried as so many sweetbreads can be. And the crown jewel, the Tête platter- a masterful assortment of deliciousness. I honestly couldn't pick my favorite terrine, pâté or cured meat. I can't say enough about this place, it is fabulous!