Sun Wah Bar-B-Q Restaurant



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5039 N Broadway St , Chicago, IL 60640
North Side


Hong Kong style BBQ.

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profile image Secret BBQ Duck Buns

We all know that Sun Wah offers their fantastic duck buns as part of the "Duck Feast," but did you know that all summer long, they are serving up these delicious treats at the Thursday night Argyle Night Market? Oh, and did I mention they are a dollar each? They set up shop at the corner of Arglye and Kenmore, BBQ-ing the ducks and slicing them up in front of your eyes. They even sell the carcas for $4 for soups, if you are so inclined. They take the duck and put it inside a perfectly fluffy bun and top with pickled vegetables and hoisin sauce. I also add a hearty dose of sriracha, but that's totally up to you. The night markets on Arglye go through September, so if you want the Sun Wah duck buns without the duck feast, head on over to Arglye and get in line--and the lines are long, so make sure you don't come TOO hungry.

profile image Just Get the Duck

This is a New Years Eve tradition. The duck is amazing! Served three ways: sliced table side, as soup, and as fried rice. Make sure you go with a group, there's tons of food!

profile image Duck Dish

The Peking Duck at Sun Wah is something special all in of itself. But the speed and precision as to which they carve it in front of your eyes tableside is a spectacle worth the price of admission.

profile image Huey, Dewey and Louie walk into a Chinese Restaurant.

Do yourself a favor and call ahead to order the duck over the phone when you make a reservation so it's ready to go when you get there. Because if you've never tried the duck, you're quackers! Take some friends too because it's a lot of food. They carve the duck tableside and then while you nosh on the peking duck (served with bao-like bread as opposed to the pancakes I was accustomed to in Hong Kong - not a bad thing, just different) they knock out making a soup and rice dish with the remainder of the duck. Fantastic. But I always run out of the Peking duck portion.