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6363 N. Milwaukee Avenue , Chicago, IL 60646
Norwood Park
Style:Hot Dogs


From facebook: Not a wiener - not a frankfurter - not a red hot - but our exclusive... Superdawg™

Menu:Recent Reviews

profile image Super Dawg for Super Food and Super Fun.

A family favorite for many, many years. The Super Dawg (big, plump and juicy)comes in a box with incredible Super Fries (some of the best fries around), retro drive-in atmosphere - It's a blast from the past! Super Dawg is a unique experience. You can have the food brought to you by car hops and eat in your car (HOT TIP: I like to bring paper plates; taking the Super Dawg & Fries out of the box keeps the bun from getting soggy & keeps the mustard from dripping on your lap) or you can eat right out of the box (I love the packaging). When the weather's nice, sit outside in the shade and dine at picnic tables. All the food is Super: Super Burgers, Super Thick Shakes, Super Duper good time. Nice condiments, (where else can you get Picalily or Super pickled tomatoes?). Black Cows, Super Sundaes, much more. A real treat for everyone.

profile image What a Hot Dog is Supposed to Be

There are so many gourmet hot dog places popping up throwing incredible if not otrageous fare at you, it might be a good idea to revisit a Chicago classic. Superdawg, from it's unpretentious menu to its drive in service is such a place, and everything is "Super". The Superdawg, the namesake hot dog is big and beefy and offered with all the standard Chicago-style toppings. It's served in a poppy seed bun and with crunchy fries and with no ketchup in sight. The pickled green tomato wedge is a nice addition to the cucumber pickle and sport peppers. The shakes and malts are thick and rich and compliment the spiciness and saltiness the Superdawg provides. This place is a throwback to the 1950s drive-in. And you have to drive to Norwood Park to experience it. A bit out of the way, but well worth it.