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1400 S. Michigan Avenue , Chicago, IL 60605
Near Southside
Style:Jason Hilgers
Style:Breakfast, Brunch


Website states - We wanted to just do waffles -- really amazing waffles! Waffles is the newest addition to the dining scene in Chicago's bustling New South Loop. We have a 2300 sq foot space that feel intimate but also bright and fast paced. Waffles is a great place for breakfast, lunch or brunch seven days a week. We pride ourselves on our feature namesake, our waffles.

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profile image Aptly Named: Lots of Waffles!

I always struggle picking between sweet and savory at brunch. Waffles gives you the best of both worlds with their Waffles Benedict. Chewy, dense Liege waffles topped with shredded pork, a poached egg, hollandaise and a frisee salad on the side. The waffle has bits of pearl sugar in it so they caramelize on the iron and turn into little nuggets of deliciousness. Note: Like most brunch places, Waffles does not take reservations, but they will take your name and number and will text you when your table is ready, so you don't have to sit in front of the restaurant for an hour staring longingly at everyone else's food.

profile image A damn good waffle!!!

This is my new favorite place for breakfast / brunch food. Great fresh juices and a great food menu. We had the waffle flight which is a good option if you can't decide, the red velvet was the favorite. I ordered the ham and cheese waffle - it was incredible. Ham was actually inside the waffle and it was covered in cheese (a lot of cheese!) and a sunny side up egg. We also ordered the side of potatoes and they were incredibly crispy, which I love, and usually have a hard time finding them that crispy. I love this place! My new place to take people for brunch - worth the cab or drive!

profile image Best Brunch I've had in years!!

We finally hit Waffles for brunch. What a treat. There were 4 of us and we opted to sample a bit of everything. Waffles takes its basis (Waffles) to create both sweet and savory concoctions that are all quite amazing. On the savory end, we had the Benedict Waffle (my favorite, with pulled pork!), and the cheddar waffle with short rib. The sweet waffles we chose were the Green Tea with lemon ginger chantilly cream and the mexican chocolate. Both amazing! We also dove into a few non-waffle items, like the roman gnocchi with filet and the chipped beef hash. The staff was great, very attentive and efficient! We cant wait to go back. This should be a staple for the brunch/lunch crowd. Well worth our drive down from Lakeview!!! Great concept, I hope they open one up north soon!