Slurping Turtle



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116 W Hubbard St , Chicago, IL 60654
Near North Side
Style:Chef Takashi


Slurping Turtle strives to recreate for our guests Chef Takashi's childhood culinary experiences in Japan, the essence of Japanese Comfort Food. The turtle is a symbol of longevity in Japan. We invite you to join us in our quest for the Everlasting Noodle.

Menu:Recent Reviews

profile image Tonkotsu Oh So GOOD!

The star of the show here is the ramen. I have tried a lot of items on the menu and I always go back to the Tonkotsu ramen. Egg noodles in a pork broth, slightly silky/creamy from rendered pork fat, slices of braised pork shoulder, pickled greens and fresh bok choy. Word of warning: the broth is a bit salty, so drink plenty of water so you don't get sausage fingers later on in the day!

profile image Big Bowl = Happy Turtle

This is the perfect spot for a rainy day. I went for dinner but am itching to try the lunch service. I had a big bowl of the steaming Shoyu Ramen. It had all my favorite veggies (bamboo shoots, bok choy) and a herbaceous broth. The braised pork shoulder, which I was skeptical about because I don't eat much pork, but tender and heavenly. I couldn't finish the whole thing because we had a scallop appetizer that was on special, but come hungry and you'll leave happy.

profile image Duck Fat Fried Chicken......PERIOD

First of all. Do NOT wear a white shirt when you dine here because I guarantee you might get a little messy. They were not kidding when they named this restaurant "Slurping Turtle." The Tonkotu Noodle bowl had a broth that is flavored beautifully, but in order to enjoy everything in it, trying to be prim and proper goes out the window. So was it tasty enough to get messy for? Yes indeed. While there, I also tried the brussel sprouts and the duck fat fried chicken. I had read a few reviews before visiting the restaurant and I'm glad I did because the menu is quite large. I very much enjoyed everything about the sprouts and the flavor of the chicken. I have decided that anything that has "duck fat" in the name is going to be good! I dined alone and sat at the bar and found the bartender to be very helpful as I was making my decisions on the menu. This restaurant is not for everyone, as some do not enjoy communal dining, but if you love Urban Belly and Belly Shack, you should give the Slurping Turtle a try!

profile image A Taste of Home... Away from Home

I was fortunate enough to spend three months in Japan while in college, over ten years ago. Since then I've rarely come across food that really felt like authentic Japanese cuisine - that reminded my of my temporary home away from home. Then Slurping Turtle came along. I literally had not had a bowl of ramen or udon that good or authentic since I lived in Kyoto. The noodles make me want to do a stage there just to learn how to make them that good on my own.

profile image Duck fat fried chicken

Just came back again for lunch. The duck fat fried chicken tapas is a must. Incredible. Steamed shrimp and pork dumplings are still good, simple but good. The oysters were a little too fried but good, the pork belly snack I would skip, the steamed buns were great but the pork was really chewy. Skip the shrimp / prawn bincho grill - too overcooked. Overall, I would still go back. It just isn't as amazing as Takashi.