The Publican



837 W. Fulton Market , Chicago, IL 60607
Fulton Market
Style:Brian Huston


The Publican website states:Featuring pork and fish/seafood preparations, the menu is best described by Kahan and Huston as "pristine product, simply prepared," an approach to food Kahan has long espoused in all of his kitchens. The Publican boasts the simplest cuisine of all three properties, each dish stripped of adornment and containing only essential ingredients. The menu is presented in sections: Fish, Meat and Vegetables, each laid out from lightest to heaviest fare.

Menu:Recent Reviews

profile image Consistent and Delicious

One of my favorite places in Chicago. Great spot to bring out of town guests and/or clients. Fun environment with standing room tables for those who just want to grab a few drinks and some pork rinds (Which are amazing!) Communal tables are offered but you can specify if you prefer a non-communal table. The food is delicious, unique and heavy but consistent. I have never left unhappy. The fish entree options are extensive, if you do not eat red meat. The fish stew is remarkable and easily shared between two. The meat options are always favored and are delivered with large portions.Theportions.The Farm chicken and blood sausages are two of my favorite meat entrees. Also, Saturday brunch is a winner. Heavy and a bit too savory for my taste but good for a once in a blue moon brunch. You can always just go for the bloody marys! They are outstanding...great cocktail ornaments!

profile image Carnivore's paradise

Bloodthirsty customers can dine on suckling pig, blood sausage, or beef heart 'till their own heart is content (or wallet is empty...) Vegetarians and lighter foodies, take heed, the beer, vegetables, and fish are top notch too. This place has it all -- ambiance, down-to-Earth waitstaff, and without a doubt, the best food in Chicago. This reviewer (from Kentucky) is pleased by the bourbon selection too.

profile image Best Brunch and Bloodies

Honestly every time I go I try to order something different. I have had the red wine poached eggs, pork shoulder, salmon salad, and the lamb (not always there). All these choice are top notch, but my favorite has to be the lamb. The sauce that is drizzled overtop is incredible. You have to order a bloody when you go, they are the best in the city.

profile image Booze+Bacon=BestBrunch

After months of salivating over the delectable reviews already posted here on, I finally saved up some money to spend on a well-needed girlfriend's brunch. My partner-in-crime, Mary, and I decided to meet at the Publican after a long year apart. We caught up on boys, travels, and internships over this fantastic brunch. We perused the menu for a long while as our waitress answered all of our questions with stand-up answers and suggestions. I finally made a decision and ordered the Soft-Scrambled Egg Focaccia while Mary ordered the Soft-Shell Crab. We decided to go big and order a side of bacon to share, because I normally don't like bacon, but the waitress promised we had to sample their specialty. Because no brunch is complete without some creatively crafted drinks, I ordered the Gin & Treuse while Mary ordered a classic Bloody Mary (how fitting for her name!) We received our drinks in no time at all. My Gin & Treuse was a refreshing mixture of Hendrick's Gin, gree charteuse, cucumber, lime, and Fentimen's tonic. It tasted like a spa, truly refreshing and a good subtle drink for a Saturday morning. Mary's Bloody Mary was a spicy mix of Tito's Vodka (my college favorite), Publican mix, housemade celery bitters, and a beer back. As soon as I set eyes on the food, I fell in love with this place. The sailor-style shirts for the waitstaff wasn't so bad either. My Focaccia was a generous triangular cut of the Italian, cheesy toast with an even more generous heap of softly scrambled eggs, spring onions (deliciously carmelized), royal trumpet mushrooms & chorizo. I don't typically like sausage (I suppose I'm selective about pork meats), but the chorizo was spicy and perfectly seasoned to an almost bacon-like texture. The mushrooms also added a special richness to the dish. All of it combined with the crunch of the focaccia bread made for one complex and satisfying plate. The bacon was actually a fried up pork belly, and it fell apart at the touch of the fork. It was chock-full of juice and cooked to perfection. I don't even like bacon, and I could eat this all the time. Mary's soft-shell crab came served over a bed of cream polenta, which I mistook for grits (that's how rich it was) upon first glance, a fried egg and green harissa drizzled over the top. There were also some pickled asparagus to balance out the herbs in the harissa, which I had never seen before. The crab was succulent and fresh, and the combination of textures in the dish created an inviting meal. We were both so obsessed with the other's choice that we decided to eat half our plate then switch. Sharers make the best of friends, indeed.

profile image Girlfriend Brunch

We started out right with the Bloody Mary, a pickled flavored wonder with house-made celery bitters, and a beer back of Lagunitas Zephyr. Then we had: Decadent ricotta and zucchini bread with wildflower honey. Soft shell crab sandwich with delicious cheddar melted on a sliced biscuit and thin crispy bacon. Little gem salad with a creamy basil and buttermilk-muscatel dressing.