Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse



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1028 N. Rush , Chicago, IL 60611
Near North Side


Gibsons Bar and Steakhouse website states:Gibsons Steakhouse has been the pinnacle of Gold Coast dining for nearly 2 decades. Housed in the space made famous by Mr. Kelley's, where Streisand and Sinatra performed, and later occupied by 70's and 80's hot spot Sweetwater, Gibsons continues the star studded tradition with a nightly procession of the famous and powerful. You can trace our history pictorially throughout the restaurant where autographed photographs of athletes, politicians, movie stars, rock stars, entertainers of all kinds, and of course the diehard Gibsons "locals" appear.
The locals are the heart and soul of Gibsons, some of them enjoying the food, service, and party atmosphere 3 - 4 times a week. They are family, recognized and pampered from everyone in the establishment, beginning with owners Steve Lombardo and Hugo Ralli and continuing through the restaurant staff, many of whom have worked for Gibsons since its inception. How do you become a local? Usually your second trip is enough for the staff to remember you and bring you into the family.

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profile image A Chicago Classic

On the show The League, the guys hang out at Gibsons. Well, to be more accurate, The League uses stock footage of Gibsons exterior as the location of the guy's favorite hangout. Do not expect the actual Gibsons to be anything like the Gibsons portrayed on television. As much as I love The League, it isn't doing the restaurant justice. Gibsons is a classy steakhouse. The bar does have a few tv's but it isn't really a hangout and drink beers type of place. You go to Gibsons to eat because the food is fantastic. It would be a shame to go to Gibsons and not eat. Going to Gibsons is an bit of a special occasion since I eat far more than I usually do when I go there. I need to try as much food as possible since it is delicious. You definitely need to bring your appetite with you. The steaks come with a generously sized soup or salad. The smallest steak is a 10 ounce filet, and the side dishes are huge. So no matter what you will eat a good amount. I am not embarassed to admit that I ate EVERY bite of the salad, filet mignon, double baked potato (it was split 4 ways), mushrooms (also shared), and spinach (also shared) on my plate. We then moved onto the Meaning of Life Cake which was generously sent over by the manager who I have become Twitter friends with. The steak at Gibsons is the best in the city in my opinion. It is all dry aged, and develops the most delicious crust when cooked. It is full of flavor. They get the best cuts of steak and cook them to perfection. Every time I have dined at Gibsons the temperature of my steak as been exactly as requested. The side dishes are equally delicious. My friend who doesn't even like potatoes loved the double baked potato. The sauteed spinach had just enough garlic, olive oil, and salt. The portion was huge - we were joking about how many pounds of spinach they must have cooked. Our meal ended with the Meaning of Life Cake. We were all quite full, and the portion was gigantic. I actually bought the leftovers to my friends house the next day to share. The cake is chocolate with chocolate mouse, banana, and a vanilla frosting with almonds. It is not as heavy and dense as it may sound, the chocolate cake itself is very light. It is a great combination of flavors. It isn't too sweet or too rich. The waitstaff was great. Our waiter was attentive and knew the menu like the back of his hand. Gibsons is the perfect place if you want to go to a true Chicago steakhouse.

profile image The best BLT and a summertime favorite

Gibson’s Steak House BLT is to die for. It is thick and chewy with well done slabs of bacon, crisp lettuce, tomato and mayo on focaccia. The Lobster Roll will help you hold on to summer for a little bit longer.

profile image A Chicago Institution

Always great steaks and seafood. I eat there almost weekly without fail and the service and food never disappoint. Highly recommended!

profile image A True Chicago Steakhouse Experience

Consistently great in every way; food, service, portions, quality, variety. Large portions. You are treated like royalty. Great place for people watching. I've been going to Gibson's since they opened and every time I go, I look forward to the next time.

profile image Consistently Great

I am a regular lunch patron to Gibson, usually on a weekly basis. The management of this place is stellar, rarely do they miss a beat, yet are never too attentive. For lunch I am a big fan of the filet sliders, the bookbinders soup, the burger and the chicken, which I have them whip up for me blackened! I do miss the summer when we can sit outside and enjoy the view, but the sun room is the next best option in these winter months. People are generally surprised how reasonably priced lunch can be here! Dinner is always a treat, with some of the best steak in the city. Portions are large, and easily shareable! Let's not even get started on the desserts big enough for an entire table!