Girl & The Goat



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809 W. Randolph St , Chicago, IL 60607
Near West Side
Style:Stephanie Izard


"Top Chef" Season 4 winner Stephanie Izard and Boka Group created a very fun and approachable spot focusing on Mediterranean flavors and local ingredients. BOKA RESTAURANT GROUP was founded by Rob Katz and Kevin Boehm in 2003 and includes some of Chicago's most popular restaurants including Boka, Landmark Grill, Perennial Virant with Executive Chef Paul Virant, GT Fish and Oyster with Executive Chef Giuseppe Tentori, and Stephanie Izard's Restaurant, Girl & The Goat. Each of their restaurants is crafted individually and conceptually unique. Boka Group restaurants include: Girl & The Goat GT Fish and Oyster Perennial Virant Landmark Grill Boka

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profile image Meat-a-palooza!

A delicious and savory adventure in meat land. If you are a risk taker when it comes to the meat you try, this place is for you. The portions are small, perfect for multi-plate sharing, and the ambiance is industrial and pleasing. The menu changes often but there is always creative takes on meat focused dishes and some of the best bread is served before courses. The goat dishes are delicious and the chickpea fritters are worth ordering. It is also a great place to come for drinks, if you can snag a seat at the bar, they also offer food service there as well. My last trip I got the 6th Borough, which is a refreshing cocktail made with Plymouth Dry Gin, Luxardo Maraschino, Amaro Nonino and Dolin Dry Vermouth. It was a sweet and tart short-glassed cocktail that got the job done. :)

profile image Makes food exciting!

I have been lucky enough to visit the Girl and the Goat on two separate occasions, one being on opening night a couple years back, and again about 6 months ago. On both visits, I was more than impressed with each dish. Green beans with a fish sauce? Scallops with lamb? The food is inventive, and is perfect for those who like a little adventure with their dinner.

profile image Best Meal of Last 12 months

I love meat..steak, pork..(especially pork..don't tell the rabbi) goat...etc and this restaurant has more than enough of those dishes to make me happy but honestly my favorite dish is a straight vegetarian dish... the cauliflower is cooked perfectly with flavors that are complex but compliment..pickled peppers for sweet and a hint of heat...and mint to refresh and cheese that is just perfect. My biggest problem here is that I never get to the desserts because I have so many savory dishes that I need to try..I am also a person who very rarely orders chicken at a great restaurant...but Stephanie's chicken dish is so unique and tasty that I have to get it...and the fried pickles that come with it are done perfect!

profile image Girl + Goat = FUN

Waltzing into Girl & The Goat in Chicago when it is PACKED and scoring seats at the bar to dine is NIRVANA! And we all give Stephanie major credit, there has not been one time where she has not be on that line – working it. The bread menu is brilliant, makes you think outside the box with flavors and dips. A few standouts from my last visit, the top 3 out of the 10 dishes we tried … 1)oysters . fried stingray . egg salad . capers Never would anticipate that oysters and egg salad would be this delicious of a combo. 2) roasted cauliflower . pickled peppers . pine nuts . mint Cauliflower is a favorite vegetable, when it is roasted and combined with the pickled peppers. 3)ham frittes . smoked tomato aioli . cheddar beer sauce AKA Crack/Cocaine. Have not stopped thinking about these crispy, salty, ham spiked morsels since last week. Notice the double dip action evidence. They make me a happy girl! I want a jar of this Ham Glitter and will put it everywhere! (HINT)

profile image Very Rich

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