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If you can't handle a woman, large or small, mousy or boisterous, confident or self-conscious, you shouldn't let her eat at your establishment :) Do vegetarians eat animal crackers?

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Juicy, Juicy!

Restaurant: N9NE Steakhouse
We came across this slightly hidden restaurant and decided to make a night of it. We walked in to a blueish lit restaurant with glitz all over. It was not as crowded when we got there, but it filled in progressively throughout our meal. We got there about 6:30 for dinner. All the waiters were dressed in white coats and were very attentive to us. Before we ordered, the waiter asked a question I hadn't heard ever while going out to eat. Usually I'M the one asking if t=food contains certain allergens. He asked, "Does anyone have any allergies we need to be careful about?" I have some mild food allergies, but I appreciated that he asked because you never know if the sauces contain gluten or soy or whatever people can be allergic to. We started with the Three cheese ravioli with wilted spinach, crispy pancetta and sage butter. Oh. My. God. I about melted in my seat. The sage and pancetta put it over the edge and the pasta was homemade. My boyfriend then ordered his SECOND filet mignon that week, since apparently, he was on a kick. He loved it! It was crispy on the outside and tender and juicy in the middle. Great flavor. I ordered the Amish Chicken which was a half roasted chicken and it came on a bed of roasted potatoes and natural jus. I devoured it....slowly....so I could savor the flavor. We also got a side of the truffle potato gratin which was hot and creamy and every cheese lover's dream. It paired perfectly with both our meals. For dessert, we ordered the Cloud 9. I am a huge cotton candy fan and this came with a "cloud" of cotton candy on a metal stand with 3 mini ice cream cones inserted into the cotton candy. It came originally with a chocolate covered pretzel, but I replaced it with a cookie since I'm allergic to the yeast in pretzels. All in all, it was an amazing meal and we had great service.



Filet Mignon, Cloud 9, Amish Chicken

Filet Mignon at a Latin Fusion Restaurant?

Restaurant: Maya Del Sol
Yeah, you read that title correctly....my boyfriend and I went here together for the first time a couple days ago and it was a cold evening and all we wanted was something amazing to eat. Now, I had eaten here a few times and never had a bad experience, but this visit was the best. I started with a prickly pear margarita which the waiter suggested because it was a little tart and a little sweet and a bright pink color....maybe it was because I was a female as to why he emphasized the color....maybe not. Either way, it was so good. I could've chugged it, but I restrained myself. We also ordered the Nachos del Sol which had braised pulled beef that was sweet and tender. Amazing nachos. We got a small, but I could've eaten a large plate by myself, but we had to save our stomachs for the big meal to come. My bf and I ordered completely opposite meals but ended up eating off each other's plates. He ordered the Solomillo (aka filet mignon) that had cabrales blue cheese melted into a crusty top and the filet was set on a bed of truffle mashed potatoes and a SANGRIA reduction. I cannot tell you in words how good it was. I, who is mostly vegetarian, wanted to eat the filet(and I did have a few bites, but only as much as my bf would allow me to take) it looked so good. If that's not a clue as to how great this was, I don't know what is. He ate the whole thing and all its trimmings until the plate was clean. I wanted to lick the plate. That sangria sauce was to die for! Probably the best he'd eaten and same with me as we had been getting filets all that week wherever we went. I got the Calabaza Relleña which is basically a veggie enchilada with summer squash, mushrooms, chayote, and zucchini with a sweet corn glaze and white rice on the side. It was delicious! I couldn't get enough of either. Our waiter was very helpful and suggested everything we could've wanted. I WILL be back there. Living in the OP(Oak Park) makes this part easy. ***UPDATE*** We went here again on Father's Day(not that my bf is a father, but it was a beautiful day). We sat in the patio which I was blown away with! So beautiful, colorful, breezy and social. I had the Poached Pear Salad and he got the Blackened Fish Tacos. The PPS was probably the BEST salad I've ever eaten. It had a port wine reduction dressing, port wine poached pears, strawberries, candied pecans and bleu cheese to top. Was light and sweet and salty. I wanted to order another! The BFT was flaky and light with a mango salsa and an avocado mayo with a cabbage slaw on top. So yummy! I recommend big time!



Solomillo, Calabaza Relleña

A Hidden Gem in the Burbs

Restaurant: Amber Cafe
I swear, I know its weird, but every season they have a salad with fruit paired for the season. Once I had it with vanilla poached pears and goat cheese and another time with mangoes. I am not an, "I'll have a salad" girl by any means, but I honestly order one of their salads every time. Their fresh baby lettuce and toppings and prepared as ordered dressing is just the right amount. I get a bunch of other things too now, but that's always my staple. Branco Palikuca has always made me and friends feel welcome and like we were part of his own family. The wait staff is friendly and knowledgable with the food because there's always something they can recommend depending on your taste. I've gotten so many different menu items its too long to list, but to name some, the braised short ribs, the pasta of any kind is so fresh and flavorful, the seasonal soups are unique like their watermelon cucumber gazpacho was amazing this past summer, and their starters are just enough, but not too much food that it fills you up. They also offer you fresh baked bread of which the Ciabatta I recommend as it has a salty crust and is the best of the three they offer. The menu changes often which keeps me coming back. Chef Andrew Sikkelerus knows what he's doing as NOTHING has disappointed me. Ever. I also love that for a fancier looking restaurant, the chef is tatted up and has piercings and I love it!



prosciutto wrapped dates, braised short ribs, seasonal salads/soups

Brunch for 10, please?

Restaurant: CLOSED - Deleece Grill Pub
Me and a group of friend decided to celebrate a birthday at Deleece for brunch. We started with the pitchers of mimosas....always a great start to a day....and had lovely conversation. We all ordered and it came in a timely manner. We had a funny waitress who was very attentive for how busy it was. We ordered the Cinnamon Toast Crunch encrusted French Toast, Nueske Bacon(which is my favorite), Eggs Benedict, hash browns, Breakfast Mac, Grilled Cheese and Steel Cut Oats. All of the food was so good! The French Toast was mine and was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. I definitely recommend for a large group.



ALMOST licked my plate...ALMOST!

Restaurant: Lake Street Kitchen & Bar
Their motto is "FIELD TO FORK. FARM TO PLATE. HARVEST TO HOLD, BOUNTY TO BOWL." They really hold true to this as all their ingredients are fresh and tasty. I think I literally come here every week. I originally visited this restaurant for the first time when I moved to Oak Park in the summer and they had also just opened. It was the first restaurant in Oak Park I had been to and probably the best to date. I commend owner Rachel Dennis for her great choice in opening this location and hiring an mazing chef. I think I personally thank Chef Jason Kurosaki for my meal and tell him how outstanding it was each time I go. He may even know me by name now. What I really love about this place is that they offer a great menu and have a ton of vegetarian and gluten-free options, too! When I first went there I ordered this amazing dish-pan-seared chicken with a lemon rosemary glaze and pan roasted vegetables...Oh. My. God. I almost licked the plate...almost... the glaze was so good! My friend ordered the Tomato Bisque Soup and Buttermilk Panna Cotta. I've gone back with another friend and she ordered the meat loaf and said it was the best she's had. It wasn't greasy, but was moist and tender. I ordered the roasted garlic and arugula flatbread and added goat cheese since I'm basically addicted to goat cheese. It was crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside. It was cooked in a wood-fired oven which gave it a charred taste, which I love. We also ordered a bottle of chilled Prosecco since we were celebrating a night out. Since then, I have gone back many times and ordered: SMALL PLATES:(Cold) the roasted corn salad-it was light and a great starter, (Hot) Sweet Italian Homemade Sausage with marinara & fennel-was tender and sweet and devoured quickly SOUPS: (Soup de Jour)Roasted Butternut Squash pureé soup-it left me wanting more...I couldn't stop eating it! PANINI: Eggplant & Spinach-it was crispy and flavorful FLATBREAD: Sausage & Pepper, Spinach & Arugula, Chicken & Pesto, and Margherita....yep, tried almost all of them! LARGE PLATES: Chicken with Eggplant Baba Ganoush, Meatloaf, Chicken with Rosemary & Lemon Glaze. DESSERT: Buttermilk Panna Cotta, Apple Crostata, Salted Caramel Housemade Sorbet(Yes, sorbet, but it was creamy like gelato), Pineapple Housemade Sorbet ALCOHOL: At the bar they have two vodkas that are in-house flavored....one spicy and one sweet. I recommend both depending on your preference. The spicy is REALLY hot, FYI. More to come, I'm sure. " I LOVE this place!" is an understatement.



Can't find one thing I don't like.



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