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Restaurant: The Boarding House
I was there two days in a row over the weekend, if that says anything! The restaurant is not open yet, but the bar area on the fist floor has several food offerings, including charcuterie, cheeses, pizzas, sliders, etc. I was amazed at how well executed everything was, given it was opening day. I tried the pork tots, very unique and fun to try. Loved the chicken poutine pizza and the short rib slider was delicious with no shortage of meat, which was refreshing! I cannot wait to try the full restaurant menu, it looks amazing. The wine list was great, it had both standard and unique varietals and a nice variety from a price perspective by the glass in case you feel like splurging as well. The viognier by the glass was outstanding. The place is cozy, sophisticated and the staff made us feel so welcomed - also refreshing for this neighborhood, where newer/chic places can be a bit on the snobby side. I am so looking forward to going back!



Short rib sliders, chicken poutine pizza

Go for Dinner (vs Brunch)

Restaurant: Perennial Virant
I had an amazing dinner there sitting on the outside patio. My friend is a vegetarian, so we shared small plates of veggies and I had the scallop appetizer, all which were great. I had brunch there recently and I was not as impressed. The smoked salmon was in a red sauce and very spicy, a bit much for brunch and the omelette was average. I would recommend it for dinner and am hoping they go back to the basics for brunch!



Fabulous Lunch

Restaurant: Blackbird
I didn't think there was a whole lot you could do with a sandwich, but the Short Rib Burger was unbelievable. It was melt in your mouth good. I was a little nervous aboout it being too fatty, but it was lean and juicy delicious. I also had the salad with pancetta and an egg on top, it was within a round potato crisp concoction, it was very good and the presentation was excellent. I hadn't been there in awhile, I would highly recommend checking it out and lunch was great too!



Short Rib Burger


Restaurant: Goosefoot
We did the 6 course tasting menu and it was delicious. I had recently been to Schwa and Trotters and I would go back to Goosefoot first! There were a lot of dishes with a touch of truffle - the chestnut soup was possibly my favorite. There was creativity, yet at the same time simple so that you appreciated the flavors. It's BYO which is fun too, we brought sancerre, champagne and tempranillo which worked out well with the menu.



Fun Rustic Spot

Restaurant: Longman & Eagle
A great place to share small dishes over some unique wine. The staff was very knowledgeable and friendly and encouraged us to try different things. I would definitely go back, for those looking for a quiet spot, it's not the quietest of places.




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