Jonathan G.

Chicago, IL


I was a Managing Partner of Le Lan Restaurant in Chicago for 5 years. I love unique food with strong flavors but I am just as happy with a great cheeseburger or mac and cheese.

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Best Meal of Last 12 months

Restaurant: Girl & The Goat
I love meat..steak, pork..(especially pork..don't tell the rabbi) goat...etc and this restaurant has more than enough of those dishes to make me happy but honestly my favorite dish is a straight vegetarian dish... the cauliflower is cooked perfectly with flavors that are complex but compliment..pickled peppers for sweet and a hint of heat...and mint to refresh and cheese that is just perfect. My biggest problem here is that I never get to the desserts because I have so many savory dishes that I need to try..I am also a person who very rarely orders chicken at a great restaurant...but Stephanie's chicken dish is so unique and tasty that I have to get it...and the fried pickles that come with it are done perfect!



Cauliflower, Chicken,Escargot Ravioli,Diver Scallops

Great place to Share food

Restaurant: GT Fish and Oyster
I have been to GT's at least a dozen times, I love the food and the atmosphere. It is one of my favorite places to go with people to share food...The last time I went they had just changed a couple of the dishes..the gnocchi is always one of my favorite things on the menu and the new dish has some nice heat to it which makes it even more unique. Giuseppe has roots in french fine dining but his Italian heritage comes out when he makes pasta...I dream of the day he does an Italian restaurant and so does the personal trainer I will have to hire because of all the carbs I will start eating. I love the Lobster Roll but a little known secret is that on certain nights they will do a Connecticut Style Lobster Roll that is so delicious.



Mussels, Gnocchi, Lobster Roll, Lobster Mac and Cheese


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