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449 N. Clark St. , Chicago, IL 60610
Near North Side
Style:Rick Bayless


Xoco website states:Part of Mexican street food's allure is it's rustic immediacy—experiencing the aromas, sights and sounds of each dish being crafted, interacting with the cooks, customizing your choices. That's why your first step into XOCO is a step into our kitchen, where each torta is built, each baked good is fashioned, each hot chocolate is whipped to a froth as you watch. Just as street food stalls attract passersby with the rustic allure of wood fires and boldly aromatic offerings, the centerpiece of XOCO's kitchen is its wood-burning oven where tortas get crisped and suckling pigs for cochinita pibil and lamb for barbacoa are braised overnight in banana leaves.

Menu:Recent Reviews

profile image Great meal

I had the pozole, chipotle chicken tortas that were delicious

profile image Milanesa - Best Chicken Sandwich in Town

XOCO, Rick Bayless' experiment in offering localvore Mexican-inspired sandwiches in River North is overwhelmingly looked at as a huge success. Lines run practically out the door on even the wettest, most miserable days. Foodies, both casual and serious, cherish the wood-burning stove baked tortas, the delicate yet sweet churros and the rich freshly-ground hot chocolate. However, none of those things are the best item on the menu. That title is not reserved by the famous Torta Ahogata, a deceptively simple carnitas torta served in a spicy tomato broth. Rather, the best item served at XOCO is the griddled Milanesa. Defying expectations, the Milanesa is made from chicken not pork. The chicken from nearby Gunthorp farms is pounded flat and breaded, keeping with the tradition of the Latin American dish. The breaded filet is accented with black beans, artisan Jack cheese and pickled jalapenos, smothered between two delicate pieces of fresh-baked flat bread. The pièce de résistance of this sandwich comes in it's final preparation: griddle cooked like a panini. The heat from the griddle melts the Jack into the other toppings and occasionally spills out the sides of the sandwich. The combination of the griddle-burnt cheese, the salty spice of the pickled jalapeno and the texture of the oversized Chicken filet(s) offers a delightful bite which could possibly convince a wayward vegetarian to dwell with the omnivores once again. This is not to say that the other tortas and caldos available at XOCO are not fantastic. I have sampled the majority of the menu and have yet to be disappointed. However, in terms of flavor, gram for gram, the Milanesa is the best choice at XOCO, and in this reviewer's eyes, the best chicken sandwich in Chicago.

profile image Sucker for Gunthrop Chicken

I order the same thing every time I stop by Xoco - the Chicken Tinga. It's so good I don't want to try anything else. I love the bread, the chicken, the combination of flavors.. it's all delicious. Cooking it in the wood burning oven makes it that much better. On my last trip I added chips and guac to the order and thought the guac was good, but nothing to rave about. I am a big fan of their change to all day take-out. It makes me a more frequent visitor. The only thing I don't love is spending $12+ on a sandwich, but when the ingredients are such high caliber I do understand. I also love their bean-to-cup chocolate, especially in the winter. Pair it with a churro and it's a great dessert!