The Purple Pig



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500 N. Michigan Ave. , Chicago, IL 60611
Near North Side
Style:Jimmy Bannos, Jr.
Style:French, Greek, Italian, Mediterranean, Spanish


The Purple Pig website states:Located on The Magnificent Mile, The Purple Pig is a collaboration of Chefs Scott Harris of Mia Francesca, Tony Mantuano of Spiaggia, Jimmy Bannos and Jimmy Bannos Jr. of Heaven on Seven. Featuring housemade charcuterie, cheeses and classic Mediterranean fare plus an extensive yet accessible wine list.

Menu:Recent Reviews

profile image Another great night at the pig!

I don't know what it is but I have not had a bad dish yet. The place is packed inside and out but I always seem to find a spot at the bar. I actually now prefer to sit and dine at the bar here. The bartenders are passionate about the menu and I feel they have more time to recommend things. We had some charcuterie, melrose peppers, bone marrow and my favorite dish of the night...raw summer corn. This corn was amazing and just might be the best thing I have had all summer. Thanks Chef Jimmy!

profile image Pig Perfect

Making Pork rillette is an art, and it's something I have always enjoyed in bistros in Paris. This one mimics the one at Aux Lyonnais in Paris. It is whipped creamy with toasted olive oil soaked bread slices and mustard. Another mouthwatering bit was the Sepia with fried almonds and rosemary, showcasing that hot plancha in action with a golden sear.

profile image Cheese, Swine & Wine...really what more do you need?

The purple pig does everything right! I don't know of another place you can go on Michigan Ave and have the quality of food and wine for this price. I love the small plates, cured meats, smears and affordable wines. This place has a great bustling atmosphere and outdoor area but the fresh creative food is really the star.

profile image Packed every night....always a good sign!

I went here with a friend because she had recommended it to me, the food was delectable. So well made and prepared in an open kitchen, which I personally love....its like entertainment, education, and food all in one! The chefs wear Purple Pig bandanas which gives them a hip look as this is a very hip place. I tried the fried pig ear and it wasn't what I expected, it was much better! It tasted like gourmet pork rinds. We also had the fried manchengo cheese which was so amazing...I mean, how can cheese be NOT amazing?!? We ordered the eggplant caponata with goat cheese. I can't tell you how much I love goat cheese, but let me tell you, I would put it on dry cereal if I could. There was a hefty amount of grilled toast to go with the caponata which was perfect as it was more of a bruschetta when all put together. This was my favorite of all the small plates we got that evening. We got a cheese and meat plate that had a great variety and we were offered suggestions as to what wines to pair with each meat/cheese. It was so helpful as I was way off as to what I was pairing. We enjoyed a nice glass of wine and great conversation as this place is great for people watching. The tables are close together and the crowd is young and old. Its a perfect spot for anyone looking for anything pig for dinner. I will definitely be back to try entrees or I may even just get more small plates. Either way I know I'll be full of amazingly cooked food with great service and a good view of the chefs to watch as almost entertainment for the evening. I see this place being around for awhile as the menu changes monthly, it seems, and they are creative with their food combinations. I can't wait to go back and bring friends!

profile image Incredible

This might be my favorite restaurant in the city. We have not gone wrong with any dish. Great beer selection also.