Table fifty-two



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52 W. Elm St. , Chicago, IL 60610
Near North Side
Style:Art Smith



Menu:Recent Reviews

profile image Best Brunch!

I’ve heard rumors about this cozy spot, and I had to put them to rest. Turns out, the rumors are true. Table Fifty-Two has the best brunch in Chicago. Brunch is only served on Sundays from 10:30am-1:30pm which was a huge dilemma since I normally work on Sundays. I am so happy I finally have Sundays off. My mouth is still drooling over our delicious, Southern breakfast. This rustic restaurant is full of charm, and we easily find ourselves sitting outside. A few benches are nestled on the sidewalk. It’s perfect. Our server was witty and played along with our crazy antics. To continue our festivities, we order up a couple of mimosas. A delicious loaf of sweet potato bread is brought to our table. We enjoy the bread and butter while we try to get our minds together. What to order? The menu is tantalizing, and I want to try a bite of everything… maybe even two. I already knew I was going to order the Fried Chicken & Waffles. Most of the rumors stem from this sweet and savory menu item. The dish, as anticipated, was immaculate. The golden waffle was topped with a mound of deep fried chicken. On the side was a fun sized jar of real maple syrup. The syrup alone was quite the treat! It took my a few minutes to figure out how to attack this dish. I pulled the chicken from the bone and drizzled maple syrup all over the combo. What happened next was love. I took my first bite and fell in love, and with each bite I fell more and more in love. The second dish we ordered was the Crab Cake Benedict. A flaky biscuit was served with a giant crab cake on top. There was a perfectly poached egg resting on that and hollandaise poured over it. The hollandaise was the right balance of butter and lemon. A refreshing green salad accompanied the benedict. You could taste the passion between each bite. Table Fifty-Two is a destination for any local or visitor. Chef Art presents a delectable menu. The service is attentive and friendly, and the ambiance is enough to bring a quirky smile to your face. So go ahead, order another mimosa and indulge in the best brunch in town.

profile image Putting the "Art" in Southern hospitality and food!

Chef Art Smith brings south charm and delicious food that just hugs your stomach. Not sure if the fried chicken is still served as I visited Table Fifty Two a while ago. I remember it being served only on Sun and Mon. I highly recommend it. Save room for the Hummingbird cake, whose massive size almost engulfs the entire table. Using cuisine from local organic farms, the freshness and flavors are incredible. If you haven't made it to Savannah yet, come to Table Fifty Two and you will be transported - without the baggage fees!

profile image So delicious!

Table Fifty Two does not have that many seats but it lives up to a big name. The service was great and the food was great! I ordered the pistachio crusted chicken breast and it was amazing and had tons of taste! The three cheese mac is also delicous! The southern pecan pie for dessert is to die for! The Peach Palmer (Sweet Tea Vodka, Peach Vodka, Fresh Lemon, Club Soda) is so refreshing, especially for the summer!