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825 W. Fulton market Street , Chicago, IL 60607
Style:Chef Paul Kahan


Publican quality meats is a unique combination of restaurant, butcher shop and deli. Publican Quality Meats boasts an ever-changing menu of pastries, sandwiches and charcuterie.

Menu:Recent Reviews

profile image Exactly what I wanted

Publican Meat´s menu is like a dream. Every plate is carefully thought out and composed and every dish I have ever tried here has been WONDERFUL. I brought my slightly picky younger brother here and he ordered something more benign, but ended up finishing my mussels with chorizo (part of an outdoor BBQ brunch special) -- when 15 minutes earlier he wouldn´t have gone anywhere near seafood. The drinks, brunch, lunch, and side plates are all delicious.

profile image PQM

Sometimes I really luck out. One of my friends was in town for the day, and asked me to join him at a dinner. I said I would – but only if it was somewhere good. And it was GREAT! Industry fave Steelite International hosted an amazing private dinner at Publican Quality Meats. The service was astounding – cocktails were being mixed such as the South Side, and great wines were being poured. We missed taking a picture of the Fluke Crudo with Clemetines and Pine Nuts because we all devoured it. We also were entertained by and got to chat with Foodie-lebrity Farmer Lee Jones. The rest of the amazing menu: Little Gem Salad with Crispy Pig Ears, Radishes and Buttermilk Vinaigrette. The pig ears were so crispy, spicy and addicting. Note: I also ate the pig ears off the plate of the guy sitting next to me. He didn’t want to finish them, and I just couldn’t handle that. Whole roasted Red Grouper with Melted Leeks Vinaigrette. This dish was a show stopper. Farm Chicken with Summer Sausage and Fries. The best dish at Publican – and reminds me of Paris. Grilled Country Ribs with Mojo Verde, Swiss chard and Fried Shallots. No angst, just Mojo. Special thanks to John from Steelite for including me in the fun!

profile image Fav Lunch Spot in Chicago!

I keep trying to find a great lunch spot with stellar sandwiches that stands up to Publican Quality, but I'm positive now that such a place does not exist. There's not a better place to linger over some great food on an afternoon off. I've tried a few of the sandwiches here and can't decide on a favorite. The muffalettas are always amazing, the roast beef is great, we always get the charcuterie and cheese plates (the pork and rabbit rillette is the best thing EVER), the ribollita is delish and comforting, and the mac daddy of them all, the cocido (a stew of smoked chorizo, braised beef, blood sausage, chickpeas, potatoes, cabbage, carrots and mojo picon), is unbelievable on a cold, dreary day, or any day for that matter. I love coming here in the summer and sitting outside on the cheerful little patio as well (if you're lucky, you may see Andrew Zimmern stroll by!). The food here is perfect, the drink list is great, and the service is always friendly (shout out to Erin!). Another great perk is loading up on goodies from the market before you leave! We always bring a few things home, and we never pass up a container of that rabbit and pork rillette! Next time you need some lunch, head to PQM!

profile image Grab a sandwich then bring home some chops!

This is my go to lunch spot! It is a cross between a deli, restaurant and one of the coolest butcher stores you will find. The food is creatively fresh and never misses. They change the menu often but always seem to have some stand bys like the "better then gyro sandwich". They just started carrying craft beers and usually will have a burger special as well.