Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Co.



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2121 N. Clark St. , Chicago, IL 60614
Lincoln Park


Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Co. website states:Conceived by the owner in his Chicago Law Office while Dreaming of "il gran giorno" when he would open his restaurant, the Pizza Pot Pie has become a favorite of world-wide pizza connoisseurs who have graced the Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Company since its inception in 1972.
The Pizza Pot Pie is an individual serving, "made from scratch" with triple-raised Sicilian bread-type dough; a homemade sauce consisting of olive oil, fresh garlic, onions, green peppers, whole plum tomatoes and a special blend of cheeses; sausage made from prime Boston butts; and doorknob-size, whole, fresh mushrooms. (Vegetarian pizza pot pie may be special ordered.)

Menu:Recent Reviews

profile image Great Salads

Best salads and Mediterranean bread in the city.

profile image must wear comfy pants

I think I gain 5 lbs every time I leave this place. Soooooo delicious and a Chicago must-go. There is usually a wait here every night of the week, so be prepared to wait for a table. Not a huge place, but worth every minute of waiting. The menu is pretty straight forward and we always start with the chef salad with the sald dressing trio. Also the flat bread is amazing. do not miss! We split the small pot pie with the meat sauce and the italian grinder and had enough leftover for an entire 2nd meal. The pot pies are truly inventive and delicious. The waiters will bring out the pies and then flip them on to your plate at your table and then cut into them. The cheese and delicious sauce literally oozez out everywhere and you cannot help but to just dig in. Truly one of my favorites and a reason there is always a wait here.

profile image only in chicago

Pizza pot pie...that’s all you have to say. Sweet, meaty sauce piled into a slightly sweet crust, one huge button mushroom and about 5 pounds of gooey, delicious, melted cheese. Never seen anything like it. Mediterranean bread is awesome (and huge). salads are all an iceberg lettuce based salad can be, crisp and chilled to 2 degrees above freezing. Most uncomfortable booths in the city, if you are lucky enough to get one. They do also offer the pies frozen that way you can have them at home without the long wait. oh, and those awesome little candies they drop with the check are available by the box

profile image Nothing Like It

This is a good old classic Chicago spot. They do not take reservations and the owner keeps track of those waiting and seats you accordingly. This is a small venue, so it's best to go on an off night, though I'm not sure if there is one. The mediterranean bread is fluffy with great seasonings and a must to share. The chef's salad comes with creamy garlic and poppyseed dressing - get it and mix the dressings, delicious! Now to the pizza, it is inside out, and you can't pick much - sausage or veggie are your choices. And there's a reason for that, you don't want to mess with their secret recipe, it is like no other pizza you've ever tried. There were four of us with two of us splitting a 1/2 pounder, which was perfect. If you are really hungry (or don't order the apps), go for the 1/2 pounder on your own - though as my friend says, make sure you wear your yoga pants! p.s. The wine list is the most affordable I have seen in Chicago - and a variety of selections, go there!