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2039 W North Ave , Chicago, IL 60647
Wicker Park
Style:Michael Sheerin & Patrick Sheerin


"Trencherman: a person who enjoys food; a hearty eater and drinker."

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profile image Trencherman: "A person who enjoys food"

A great looking place with some great food. I really enjoyed this place and had some pretty amazing and unique dishes. The atmosphere is cool and fun but the lights seem to be a bit too bright. The gnocchi, pickle tots, and the burger were pretty amazing. The burger comes with pork grinds and a home made hot sauce. The gnocchi was the highlight of the night just delicious.

profile image Friendly Dinner

The beauty of the restaurant is displayed through the decor and continues with the food. Each plate is presented with artistry. We begin our meal with a house favorite and server recommended, Pickle Tots. The dish combines two favorite bar foods in a balanced and tasteful manner. The tots are placed on top of a red onion yogurt which adds a pop of color. On top of the tots is chicken breast bresaola. The dish was a great introduction to our meal which is meant to be shared. We each tried different alcoholic beverages to compliment our meals. The restaurant offers specialty cocktails, beers and an exclusive wine list. Props on the wide variety of wines offered by the glass especially the sparkling red! It’s nice to have such a good variety. Our next dish was the Brandade. It’s a salt cod and potato patty topped with a quail egg. Pieces of Asian pear surround the patty which was accented with a light sauce. The Fried Chopped Liver was equally enjoyable. Now the idea of fried chopped liver may not sound very appetizing, but the presentation masks the nature of the dish without losing any flavor. The diced liver pieces were deep fried into bite size portions. It was served with an egg yolk jam, apple and my favorite-kohlrabi; this added a refreshing crunch to the bite. Props on using an overlooked vegetable. Our server recommended two entrees which we tried. The Milk Braised Pork Shoulder was served in large pieces. The outside skin was crisp while the meat was tender- absolute perfection. It was served with brown butter spaghetti squash. For a lighter fish dish, we tried the Hake. Wow. The piquillo pepper broth was poured at table side and gave off the most pleasant aroma. It was light and zesty. The fish was perfectly cooked and served with leeks and hazelnuts. To finish our meal, we ordered the Cider Donuts. The donuts were served with pumpkin seed brittle and ice cream. The presentation for this dish was quite amusing as there were two donuts and a long scoop of ice cream. Food porn anyone? After a quick giggle, we dove into the dessert and within seconds it had disappeared. The donuts capture the comforting tastes of Fall.

profile image Great new concept in a familiar space

What a great experience. They have transformed the old spring space, almost beyond recognition into a very comfortable, "now" space. The staff is amazing and being calm, cool and accommodating, from the moment you walk in. The drink list is playful, yet powerful. We started out with various cocktails, everyone loving theirs. Then on to a very small lot producing red blend that was outstanding. The food is DELICIOUS. I was reminded several times of my experiences at Avec, but with much different flavors. They also love to incorporate anything pickled into these dishes and I love it. The waitress caught on we were a bit obsessed with the food scene and how we were gushing over the food, so she invited us back into the kitchen to see the operations and meet Patrick Sheerin. He couldnt have been nicer, and took the time to talk with us on a busy Saturday night. These guys get customer service AND good food. Go figure! For dessert you MUST try the chocolate marquis. Can't wait to go back.

profile image Great space

I really enjoyed dinner and drinks at Trenchermen. They had a great beer and cocktail menu. The green hornet is celery gin and it is very light and refreshing. Tastes like it might be healthy for you! The menu is smaller but the kale salad with carrot quinoa, sweetbreads, and pickled tots were great starters. We also had the chicken thigh and short ribs and really enjoyed them. I look forward to eating here again!

profile image Stellar!

What a fantastic night at Trenchermen, truly. I sincerely hope this place takes off and is around for a long long time, especially because I live so close and can see myself spending a lot of time at the fabulous bar! My boyfriend and I popped in on a Thursday night to check out the food and drinks; after reading who was behind this new spot (the Sheerin bros, Tona Palomino, et al), I was very excited to dive into the menu and the cocktails! The space itself is great, it's casual and warm with great antique details- the space was a bathhouse dating from the early 1900s where organized crime members and politicians used to hobnob and cut deals; pretty neat history! It still has the white subway tiles and now has an amazing bar in the main room, and a separate dining area with some really great light fixtures and a to-die-for wall of wine. While the space is warm and casual, the food and drinks are extremely refined. The bar has a very cool barrel cocktail and tap program; and they serve some carbonated beverages, such as the refreshing Bridge and Tunnel, as well as some twists on classics, like the UH-MAZING Jewel-Up. We had several, several Jewel-Ups (beware, they are strong and will sneak up on you!). The food, from the prolific Sheerin brothers, was really a joy. We couldn't really decide on what to get, so we just ordered whatever caught our eye. We started with: -Pickle Tots with chicken breast bresaola, red onion yogurt, scallions (the chicken breast with the red onion yogurt really made this dish, I was practically licking the yogurt off the plate! -Beet Bocconcini with baby lettuce, radish and orange -Scotched Quail Egg with cauliflower, almond, caviar, maple (a favorite dish for the both of us, really different and really delish) -Bacon Cured Sweetbreads with XO sauce, black garlic, limed carrots, nori (the black garlic and smoky bacon was great with the sweetbreads!) -Scallop with avgolemono, rice, egg yolk bottarga, baby turnips, lovage (this was a great dish, but I'm a scallop fanatic!) From there (what a way to get started) we decided to share a few mains: -Smoked Kentucky Paddlefish with haricots verts, cherries, chicories, chocolate malt granola (my boyfriend isn't a fan of smoked fish, but I loved this dish!) -Aged Pekin Duck Breast with rhubarb umeboshi, fried rice, kim chee mortadella, red bean paste, nasturtium (probably my favorite dish of the night, the duck was amazing and the rhubarb and kim chee mortadella were such an awesome combo with this dish) -Slow Smoked Texas Brisket with Trencheritos, mustard garganelli, snow peas, cornichons (my boyfriend's favorite of the night, it was tender, hearty, and perfect) -Braised Pork Belly with sugar snap peas, coconut, vanilla, plums (another close favorite; the belly is brined for 3 days and then sous-vide, which makes it unbelievably tender, The coconut with it was a pretty incredible flavor addition as well!) After this gluttony we had to still try desert: -Coffee Cake with chai tofu ice cream, fried chocolate, smoked 'merengue' (yum, just yum, and perfect with coffee, surprisingly enough :) ) -Candied Cumin Churros with apricot, white chocolate dulce de leche, coriander (these were tasty, we could have had a basket of them!) We had such a fabulous night at Trenchermen. The service was superb (shout-out to Phil and the amazing Yvonne), the cocktails and wine were fabulous. The food was really incredible; there were such interesting and surprising flavor combinations, some subtle and some not so subtle, but all working perfectly. I can't wait to go back and try the other items that were recommended (zucchini soup!) and get some of our favorites again!