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924 Garrett Street, SE Suite C, Atlanta, GA 30316
Ormewood Park
Style:Kevin Gillespie


Kevin Gillespie of Top Chef fame and fellow chefs have a nightly showdown in the kitchen in this fun dim sum-style concept newly opened in Atlanta.

Menu:Recent Reviews

profile image What An Experience!

Gunshow is ballsy. Plain and simple. Kevin Gillespie and fellow chefs Joey and Andreas compose menus every Tuesday and then go to work in the kitchen every night, composing dishes and wheeling them around the dining room themselves, dim sum-style. Does that look tasty? Grab a dish! Not your cup of tea? Pass and wait on the next cart! Where can you have the chefs themselves explaining their dishes and available for questions, right at your tableside? We couldn't fathom actually saying no to any dish, which varied from fried quail legs over absolutely amazing coconut curry collards, to seared halibut, to lamb belly. This place is unique because the diner experiences a myriad of styles and compositions with each dish, and it can vary wildly from week to week, or even night to night, and from chef to chef. We ended up having everything on the menu, and our favorites (not that we could actually choose and absolute favorite) included: -Fried quail with the coconut curry collards- I'd never had collards this way and man, were they incredible. -Seared halibut-absolutely perfectly cooked. Perfectly. -Fried rabbit with sweet chili sauce- tender savoriness with a sweet pop of chili sauce, finger-licking good. -Lamb belly with pureed butternut squash and okra- comfort food, yes! -"In-N-Out"-animal-style burger- BALLSY, and worth every shameful bite. Holy cow (pun intended) Gunshow is loud, Gunshow is fun, Gunshow only serves wine and whisky, and Gunshow is damn good.