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2900 W Belmont Ave , Chicago, IL 60618
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Kuma's Corner website states: Kuma's offers the finest fare for burger lovers in all of Chicago. For the last five years, we've been cranking out some of the most creative, mouthwatering burgers this side of Jupiter. Whether you want to be immersed in heavy metal culture or you are just looking for the best burger you've ever eaten in your life, Kuma's Corner has all of the ducks in a row to satiate your most intimate meat craving desires.

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My husband, friend, and I went to Kuma's on a super-hot summer day. We waited in line for about 40 minutes, which was not a bad thing since they have so many amazing craft beers to try! The menu made it nearly impossible to make a decision, but I ended up with the Led Zeppelin - burger with cheese, bacon, and pulled pork! I've never eaten so well in my life! We had a longer wait than I would have liked, but the food more than made up for it! I can't wait to go back again!

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These are the best burger I have ever had. It is worth the 1-2 hour wait. Excellent beer selection

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Well, this place is a riot, for sure! We eased our way past the line of heavily pierced and tattooed folks outside to find out the wait was an hour and a half!!! Determined to have a notorious Kuma's burger, we decided to stick it out and ended up snaking a seat at the bar about 20 minutes into our wait. Our Suicide-Girls-esque bartender was great and kept our vodka-sodas coming without having to even ask (big kudos to her for that!). Over the blaring metal (I don't know how my parents would feel about this place) we started with the jalapeno poppers, which were dirty good. How can cream cheese and chorizo-stuffed jalapenos not be good, especially when fried!? I then had the Led Zeppelin burger, a behemoth smothered with pulled-pork, pickles and cheese. I tried my best to put the thing down, but I had to take home a little more than a quarter of it. My friend had the Plague Bringer, which has roasted garlic mayo, tortilla strips, fresh garlic, pepper jack cheese, and jalapeno- if there's a plague cometh, it won't affect you with all the garlic coming out of your pores. Holy cow, you'll breath garlic for days, but it's worth it! I love this place, it's funky, it's edgy, it's packed, it's loud, it's delicious.

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Well Kuma’s Corner is no secret to those who have a lust for burgers and a love for metal. The decor is wood paneling with prints of bondage pin ups. All the mean while your ears are assaulted with the finest selection of heavy metal, doom metal and death metal. Which is where they get their inspiration for the names of their burgers. The wait is almost as famous as the burgers themselves. If you come out during any night of the week - expect a 1-2 Hr wait. The good news is Kuma's has an excellent bar with some very tasty beers on draft. Mainly craft beers like Three Floyds out of Munster, IN and Allagash out of Portland, OR. No Miller Lite on draft here. Their selection of bottled beers is just as impressive from PBR to Bells to Avery and Abita. You will find a grand selection of more craft beers to help pass the time as you observe the burgers being served to hungry patrons. Once seated your waitress, usually adorned with great ink and quality metal shirts, can show you the ropes if you are a virgin to Kuma's. It may look intimidating but I have been there several times and the service is always great. Their starters range from their famous chili to Bacon Blue Cheese Fries. They also have great sandwiches like the Pig Destroyer and the Hate Beak. They even have make your own Mac and Cheese which is amazing. But the reason 90% of people will wait 1-2 hrs in a small restaurant with an open kitchen - are the burgers. Their infamous burgers, which have been in the spot light of Check Please, Food Network and The Travel Channel, start with 10 OZ of grade A beef. From their the sky is the limit. All served with a side of hate. The toppings are what make the burgers unique and famous. You can get fantastic ingredients like smoked gouda, andouille sausage, grilled pineapple, chorizo stuffed jalapeno peppers and more. If you like the more traditional route the Mastodon in one of the best BBQ, Cheddar and Bacon burgers around. They also have a burger of the month, which is a limited appearance. A book could be written about the burgers. One you would have to read while listening to Metallica's "Ride the Lightning" or Slayer's "Hell Awaits". Kuma's is not your typical yuppie joint with homogenized music and bland decor to appeal to the masses. No. It injects you with vast amounts of flavor and personality. It is by far my favorite restaurant in Chicago.