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1160 N. Dearborn , Chicago, IL 60610
Near North Side
Style:Lee Ann Whippen


Q website states: Artisanal house-made rubs, southern quality service and a modern ambiance combine to offer you the greatest BBQ in Chicago. Great BBq is a passion, not a past time. Before the sun rises, our chefs are smoking our signature, highest quality, Kobe brisket in our wood burning smokers to get the tender, made-from-scratch, deliciousness.

Menu:Recent Reviews

profile image Amazing!

I went to Q a couple weeks ago and it has been one of my favorite all around dining experiences in Chicago so far. First of all, the service is amazing. Right after I finished my glass of wine the hostess noticed as she walked by and asked if she could get me another drink. It really shows the way they work as a team. Instead of bringing bread to the table to snack on, they bring you these AMAZING bread & butter pickles. I could have eaten the whole bowl. They also bring you homemade potato chips which were really good as well. We orded the wings, hush puppies, and fried green tomatoes for an appetizer- all were great, especially the tomatoes! For dinner I ordered the chicken and it was perfectly done and had a great tasting flavor to it. You could really tell it had been smoked. I got it with their cornbread with honey butter. Overall a great place to bring family or friends!

profile image Championship BBQ

Champion Chef Lee Ann Whippen's creations are absolutely mind blowing, even down to the "bread basket" of House-made Bread and Butter Pickles and BBQ Chips you receive at the start of your meal. Whippen's uses her father's original bbq dust on the many of her dishes including the chips. For lunch there is a terrific deal with an individual half appetizer, a main dish and side, as well as a dessert. Chicago q is the perfect place to stop in on a lunch break or during a day out in the city! We were able to sample a number of different dishes on the menu and every single one was amazing. The Bacon Cheddar Hushpuppies were a spicy version of a classic southern dish with a very creamy mayo dipping sauce. I was in love with the BBQ Shrimp appetizer. The shrimps are all huge, topped with Whippen's family bbq dust, sitting on top of huge pile of delicious and citrusy lemon-infused grits. With your main course, you get four very different types of BBQ sauce to flavor your amazingly lean meat. While they were all great, I adored the Easter North Carolina Vinegar Based sauce. It was perfect if you want something with a nice kick but that isn't too heavy. I would highly advise choosing the Poblano Cheese Cornbread as your side. It's nice and creamy with a very subtle spicy aftertaste. Of the extra sides, I would say the Bruleed Macaroni and Cheese is a must have. The Braised Greens with bacon bits are also delicious especially if you're more of a veggie lover. Now, normally I pass on desserts but anyone in their right mind would be remiss to do that at Chicago q. While the Chocolate Mousse with Pretzel Crust was very light and the sweet and salty flavors complimented each other amazingly, I couldn't stop talking about the Mixed Berry Crisp for days. At first I thought the warm mixed berries were somewhat unusual but it was phenomenal and it was topped by granola pieces. This was my favorite part of the meal and is a seasonal dessert so get in quick!

profile image Sides and Sauce

Resurrecting the space that was once Tsunami sushi, the southern decor and menu are perfectly aligned. We go for the sides and pulled pork more than the ribs. The ribs are good but a bit pricey for the 'competition ribs'. For starters, I hate pickles but have found a love of the pickles and chips served to munch while you decide on your entree. They are basically a free appetizer as we typically get a few rounds. The go-to order is the Pulled Pork Shoulder with Corn Bread on the side, Kobe baked beans and occasionally the fries. The portions are hearty and the Kobe beans have a lot of Kobe brisket. All the BBQ comes with all 4 sauces on the side and we suggest mixing them up (Spicy and N. Carolina Vinegar). There is an upstairs for entertaining larger groups and they have a large selection of whiskey, wine and beer.